ARTIFAKTS is an ambitious new platform focused on creating innovative 3D generative metaverse assets that can be displayed, explored, and interacted with across a variety of emergent metaverse applications.  Guided by our core values of interoperability and digital self-sovereignty, we aim to build a community and brand to further an open and inclusive metaverse future.

What is EMPIRES?

EMPIRES is the first ARTIFAKTS NFT collection. EMPIRES is inspired by artifacts of our physical world adapted to adigital future.  We combine our passion for reality capture in the physical world with novel processing algorithms inthe digital world to create unique metaverse NFTs that span both.

How are EMPIRES NFTs generated?

Each EMPIRES NFT is adapted from a point cloud dataset representing one of fifteen different real-world heritage sites spanning generations, geographies and civilizations.  We translate these datasets via a randomized set of transformations, algorithms and parameters to create a diverse collection of beautiful, unexpected and sometimes rare assets that are a hybrid between our physical and the virtual worlds.

What is the total supply of the EMPIRES collection?

The supply is capped at 1,500 uniquely generated EMPIRES NFTS.

What utility do EMPIRES NFTs have?

Our first focus for the EMPIRES collection is to create unique and innovative 3D NFTs that holders will be proud to own, view in their wallets, and display in virtual art galleries.

Soon after the EMPIRES collection is released, we will launch a hosted web viewer that will allow verified ARTIFAKT holders to experience immersive 3D exploration of their assets in the web browser or using virtual reality headsets – now live https://explorer.artifakts.xyz/!

Our ongoing priority is to ensure forward-compatibility and maximum interoperability for all ARTIFAKTS projects.  We will convert EMPIRES 3D assets for compatibility in emerging metaverse applications, and EMPIRES holders will receive compatible formats for their assets via airdropped tokens or metadata linked to existing tokens.

Finally, we want to reward loyal members of our community.  ARTIFAKT owners will gain access to members-only spaces in the metaverse, and holders of complete sets from the EMPIRES collection will receive airdrops of limited edition ARTIFAKT NFTs and priority access to future releases.

What are the file formats and resolution of EMPIRES collection NFT at launch?

Each EMPIRES NFT will be initially linked to multiple media files with more to come in the future.

At launch, the metadata for each NFT contains links to 1) a 350x350 pixel, 7 second .GIF preview animation of the 3D model for display in wallets and marketplaces, 2) a 700x700 pixel, 9 second .MP4 animation showing the ARTIFAKT rotating in high-resolution 3D, and 3) a 700x700 pixel static .PNG image, and 4) a metaverse-optimized 3D .glb model file. After the EMPIRES release, we will be launching our hosted 3D web viewer where you can explore your ARTIFAKT in more detail - now live https://explorer.artifakts.xyz/ !

Are some EMPIRES NFTs more rare than others?

Yes– rarity of EMPIRES NFTs varies based on multiple factors including the physical asset represented, transformation algorithms implemented, specific algorithm parameters, and color mapping.  Detailed rarity information for the collection will be released soon after launch.

How are EMPIRES NFTs stored?

Metadata and media files for each NFT are stored on the Arweave permaweb, an immutable, decentralized data storage network. Unlike legacy cloud storage providers or IPFS, these files will exist and be accessible indefinitely.

Ok but how do you REALLY make ARTIFAKTS NFTS?

We’ve created a processing pipeline comprised of the open source applications CloudCompare, MeshLab, and Blender, all wrapped in a whole lot of Python.  We retain about 500 megabytes of supporting files for each individual NFT to ensure our ability to reprocess for various future file formats and applications!

When is Launch?

We currently plan to open a first phase of minting for the EMPIRES collection in late November 2021.  We will give community members a more specific time frame and mint site URL several days ahead of the mint.

Will the ARTIFAKTS team receive any private allocation of EMPIRES?

The team has allocated 50 random EMPIRES NFTs to the ARTIFAKTS team, most of which will be used for marketing, promotions, and giveaways.

What are creator royalties on EMPIRES secondary market sales?

ARTIFAKTS will receive 5% royalties from EMPIRES NFT secondary sales on supported marketplaces.  The royalties from these sales will be used to further the ARTIFAKTS mission of digitally preserving sites of cultural heritage and executing on metaverse interoperability initiatives that bring additional utility to holders of ARTIFAKTS NFTs.

Are you making a game?

No, but we hope to partner with emerging game worlds to integrate ARTIFAKTS and provide in-game utility to owners.

Who is the creator of ARTIFAKTS?

I am a 32-year-old builder, explorer, and developer realizing my dream of creating a web3-native metaverse interoperability platform and brand.  I believe in a future characterized by individual self-sovereignty and digital property ownership and interoperability.

My background in traditional finance and company building has given me a unique perspective into the exciting paradigm shift that I believe decentralization will bring to many aspects of society. My interest in reality capture technologies, cultural heritage, and emergent virtual environments inspired me to create the EMPIRES NFT collection.

The ARTIFAKTS team is currently small but we are excited to grow after the launch of EMPIRES – Contact me on twitter if you would like to get involved!

Anything else?

One more thing – with the ARTIFAKTS platform we want to push the boundaries of what has been previously accomplished in the NFT and metaverse space with experiential multimedia NFTs -- this is what excites and motivates us.  This is not a standard PFP or generative art project.   But because we are pushing limits there will be bumps in the road, and our process is computationally intensive, so bear with us!  Throughout the evolution of the project we will be as transparent as possible; we will tell it like it is and share our challenges in real time.  On that note, if anyone has applicable skillsets and wants to get involved, reach out to me on twitter (@0xBalsamic or @ARTIFAKTS_sol) and maybe we can collaborate!

Other questions? Join our discord to ask the team!